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A Winter Wedding.
FS (Ageless. / in Cornwall U.K.)

A Winter Wedding.

Poem By Fay Slimm

Everyone knew we were heading for snow.
Lowering banks of menacing clouds trying
To threaten cold wedding guests told us so.
You and I cuddled close. I was crying.

After a night of passionate rapture
You would be gone. Yet these moments were ours.
My body, heart, mind and soul you captured,
Snowbound, we then bound ourselves to love's vows.

Your presence has stayed, 'tho war took your life.
It shines in your son, and comforts your wife.

Dedicated to all war widows.

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Comments (15)

...your life ...your wife A good concluding couplet. Nice style. Sylva
Very true I like the first line everyone knew we were heading for snow.. Its sweet and nice to warn us... Thanks for sharing KRISTA
What a luvli thought to write this poem of 'At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them' Lest we forget-- millions of dead, millions of widows- written with deep thought the reader can feel it. Nuff said 11 out of 10, kind regards Ken e
A beautiful moving poem Fay! my mind see's that lion on Lyles treacle tin, and the inscription: out of the strong comes sweetness: Your son!
It's almost unbearable to contemplate - losing one's husband after such a tiny time. Your poem captures with great skill, the the agony of separation and the joy of continuance in the genes of a next generation. A very moving poem. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥