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A Wintry Birth
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A Wintry Birth

Poem By Charles Chaim Wax

The wind turned about
and blew the keen squall into
my glasses. I started to count the snowflakes
on the left lens but it was an impossible labor
so I ceased and scanned the field. Snow
swirled directly before my face and in the distance
well beyond the horizon line.
Still, no matter how many snow-crystals descended
there would always be a number
but my eyes were not sufficient to the task,
and amid all this whirling profusion
no two would ever be identical.
I tried to walk on my hands but couldn’t
and tumbled to the terrain
and heard orange salamanders deep asleep
in a dreamless world.
I felt immensely joyful.
I didn’t care anymore.
Here was a place for me lost
in a billion billion snowflake falls. I didn’t care.
Unbounded generosity grounded
my mind. Surely others should
feel this and know, at least once,
life without clinging to desire. The sharp particles slammed me with ease
and melted on my
warm nose as easily. In this state
what could be taken?
One could only give.

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Comments (5)

Immence passion for life beyond the cold, you have the poets gift of placing the reader in a warm embrace of words, Thankyou for sharing your art, it has been appreciated, Love Duncan
Very impressive poem this, it has that little bit of magic, has an interior of it's own.It is dense with effective alliteration brilliant word play and a well paced measured metre.There is great focus in this poem, the artist being able to pick up on slants of life/nature that the rest of us cannot or will not. It is highly visual and drops the reader right into the scene. It ia a work of great substance and depth and will stand the carpet bombing of time and fashion.Nice one.
Sweetly crafted... on a silvery pulished board. You truly translate pictures into words.
You captured the essence of winter very well. Very well done.
Pow! ! ! ! ! Charles, you really speak to me...in my humble opinion...you are a brilliant writer....and your poetry is mindblowing.