A Wintry Evening

Lo the crippled wind; lo the frozen sun.
Coldness crept to a crying bird; darkness,
No less, under the night stillness, a victim
Had made of that lug’brious bird. What gentleness!
Methought I saw that death and night the same had done.

Lo the smiling moon; lo the sighing bird,
Blabing his notes, blaming his days, dreaming
Of his past and crackling no single word.
He was lightsome with his beloved, and lingering.
Methought I saw him receiving death; `twas unfeared.

Lo death creeping to the frozen body.
His heart beating; his life bleeding; dreaming
Of his beloved; mantled; he was dreary.
From darkness to death he was dreadfully fleeing.
Methought I saw his moribund frail soul weedy.

Lo, his blindness has taken him t’ Hades.
On leaves his death was sealed and sung by love;
He waited to meet her in Elysium.
“‘God, into thy hands I commend my spirit’ `bove, ”
Methought I heard him and saw his mat soul by dawn.

17 May 1994

by Montazar AnNayef

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