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A Wise Person

Such a very wise person is gray haired old Sue
I remember once asking her what does freedom mean to you
She pondered for awhile and with a smile she then said
That question you ask at the graves of the dead.

For if the dead could speak I am sure they would say
We now have our freedom and we are at peace where we lay
Of the stress of living and of cares and of worries we're free
And pity the living for the lucky are we.

Old Sue she is happy and life she enjoy
And she says I've had a good innings I am not scared to die
My children have grown up children and time keeps ticking on
And life on Earth will continue long after I'm gone.

For to join my late husband in the Town Cemetery
I will be turning eighty one years of age in late February
I too have my cares but so too don't we all
And compared to many my worries are small.

When I asked Sue for her views on freedom she merely smiled at me
Saying you ask the dead since the dead they are free
Of the stresses of life and of worries and cares
The dead rest in peace and they don't need our prayers.

by Francis Duggan

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