A Wise To Be

It is wise to be fooled and roam around
It looks foolish but seems very sound
It is quite amusing when rumors gather round
You may feel like to hit a person and go under ground

You can easily make people to believe in you
It is your ability to gather support and go though
They may not take you seriously and consider it as joke
You may air your grievance but it won’t go in air as smoke

It is said you must keep mum on certain occasion
You should not fire your salvo even faced with private invasion
It is ridiculous to offer every move of others and face
Unnecessary criticism sand enter into verbal race

It is better to observe from distance and offer no comments
Not to detract eyes while making large payments
It is common test for everybody to observe some ethics
Everything will go into flames if goes wrong with mathematics

Let people form their own opinion and guess
You should not leave anything behind as trace
It is unwise to counter and unnecessarily face
They may come round the corner and grace

It is good to be heard than to hear them all
But it is equally good to keep quite and hear a call
It may not only save you from possible embarrassment
But may grant you enough time for good comment

Let your arguments remain confided within self
It may definitely improve your image and help
Let people also think you are fool to cope with all
You need not clear about their doubt and fall

To offer nothing practically is considered as best tactics
It has been proved number of times by statistics
It has many advantages than any disadvantage
It gives you enough time to maneuver and manage

Why to look upon other people as smart and intelligent?
Are they gifted with extra sense and specially sent?
Do they have super ability to control the crisis and solve?
You need not open all your cards and silently resolve

It is human tendency to expose the weakness in general
People may not bother or think about the procession like funeral
They have their own sense of cutting jokes and try to impose
The will power and influence at any place they consider and suppose

So to score over each other is not moot point or only reason
It varies from place to place and from person to person
It is better to keep cool and regain the composure
Establish yourself and if need be doubly ensure

by Hasmukh Amathalal

Comments (2)

Nice, educative verse... laudable, Sir.. thanks for sharing..10+
‘…It is said you must keep mum on certain occasion…’ Like...wise knows when to stay mum unlike fools…again poet writes, ‘…You need not open all your cards and silently resolve…’ A ready reckoner of ‘interpersonal-conduct-protocol’…and food for thought…but must be kept in mind and followed…but to many like dumb speaks and deaf hears lolol… Your poem always educative…Sir I envy your untiring effort to make our society pristine with high moral and value the ‘Values’… 10++ Ms. Nivedita UK