I apologise.
For I am not
All that I claim to be.

I am many people,
To many people.
Not one being
Any more real
Than the other.

I didn’t have to be this way
I was meant to be normal.
That’s what I couldn’t accept.
That’s why I couldn’t just be.

The lies run so deep
They’re real.
And that is why I apologise
To myself.

by arundhati sinha

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This is a well written unique poem on love! I will continue reading your good work.
POET! ! ! ! ! ! Always connect with your inner child-that's where the spirit comes from-I'm sure I studied this poem when I was in high school.A ten from me.
Your wish has come true for you already write as grown-up poets do, cascading, as you do, lots of small lamps, and in cupped hands too. Bless you. Fay
Speaking of hands. I'll hand it to you. Another great poem lighting up my day.
Serving the world with some truth, however small it may be...... That sounds like a mighty wish to me....... Thanks for the poem.
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