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A Wish...

The song of my eyes….
Lying there, on my side, I breath in deeply.
My lips part.
Hot air rushes in whirling little currents out my lips.
My chest is heavy, my heart is pounding, my body hurts so badly again and I just can’t seem to ever get comfortable.
It’s everyday all over again.
Thoughts racing … of futile endeavors and responsibilities at hand and hopes of years past and future, and moments missed and moments misunderstood,
all rush through the synapses and dark caverns of my mind, getting lost and frantic…
wanting order, wanting out.

The rhythm of my heart…
Lying there, on my side, I breath in deeply.
Your lips part.
You lean in towards me, your mustache making twirling tickles on my lips.
You see my pain, you see my panic, you see my fear and my frustration. You pull me close… and I’m finally comfortable… in your arms.
It’s all I want, everyday over and over again.
Silently the song of your eyes sings to me, it brings a fire and illuminates the caverns of my mind…
my thoughts calm and quiet themselves, and sit and enjoy the
warmth of the fire and the rhythm of our hearts…

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