A Wish

I don't want this god
who just want's me to
pray for myself


I do want a god
who would pull me up to make me
a part of himself

by Samanyan Lakshminarayanan

Comments (18)

wowwwwwww if only wishes were horses then men would ride good write dear Sam -10 anjali
You want God's organization to be a voluntary organization, suo moto knowing His subjects' predicaments! ! ! Well, I have to accept.
Very thought provoking. Your wish is well expressed. Kind regards, Sandra
God is there or not beyond human intelligence But God we need for our daily existance................ God will be there when we need But there may be some delay indeed..........well written
so rt there sam the search for divinity is age old...as old as human memory and as intense as the search for self provocative and reflective lines... cheers
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