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A Wish To Be Just A Piece Of Masterpiece
GC (fall '72 / live on on the alfonsina storni side of florida)

A Wish To Be Just A Piece Of Masterpiece

Poem By gregory collins

Such the listeners we are, like to jump off the
blue sky edge, until my thoughts grow numb.

And the light of the stars love this. As we walk
by ourselves with the night around us, and i

take you to a fine spot. Where i am filled with
you, and that is what i want to stand and say.

That you must be eager for answers also, and
i am not contained by this universe either. So

let us free the flame in our hearts and smile at each
other. As the rules we have learned, are no help

now that we have taken over our minds with
another glass of wine: Now that you spread

your arms, which i will soon be locked inside.
I will be a silent river sustained by the obscurity

of its beautiful petals. The fact that i have looked
up at the skies, and plucked a flower from the stars.

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Well your wish came true Gregory! this is a true masterpiece. Wow....great work as always, smiling at your good fortune too! Tai