SN (9 may 1954 / austria)

A Wish Upon A Star

I slept in a dream on a star
in a galaxy of wisdom
with wings so wide and strong
to carry me and you on golden ropes
marking the roads to all tomorrows

The wind was mine,
I shared the rain with you
as all the skies opened
to satisfy the thirst, to smell the lightning,
to listen to the thunder while earth made love

A wish I made upon the star:
love is and is always, in pure desire,
ample joy and blissful clarity
to change the past, the grief, the pain
to realize regret is always vain

I am awake from the dream on a star
under the sun the day is on fire
the song is loud in the rhythm of your heart beat
I travel on the clouds of nothingness
to touch the rainbow hand in hand with you

by seeme now

Comments (1)

What a wonderful wish, i wish you to have in your wish. thanks for this nice poem and best wishes, melvin