A Wishing Melody

I am singing to the night
A wishing melody
Knock open the flight
Of its measures so free
Enter the coming hours
With a singing to understand
Bring on thy night flowers
Inside my dream command

Encaging picture walls
And streets I am walking
The inside shadow’s halls
That daylight all are lacking
I feel you know the fact
That reality has eaten up
In each its conduct act
That makes doggerels – yup

I am singing on to you
Through shallow gone ways
And ask you to renew
What in your musing plays!
I am singing to the dawn
A desiring lyrically
That each its color be drawn
In love songs – eternally

*From, http: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lyric_poetry:

“Lyric poetry refers to either poetry that has the form and musical quality of a song, or a usually short poem that expresses personal feelings, which may or may not be set to music”.

Thus, if you are writing lyrics, you are probably writing lyrical poetry.

by Peter S. Quinn

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