A Wisp Of Smoke

The moon falls March white on old sycamores,
As good-bye as the glitter of a tear.
Warmth is a word too fragile to be said,
Love fey blue as a wisp of winter smoke.

by Sandra Fowler Click to read full poem

Comments (27)

No two-ways about it - this is genius. N
wonderful imagery......richly poetic words!
wow, this poem is amazing i really like it.
a beautifull creation. lovely style
S, you are a poetic genius. I don't know why, but this brings tears to my eyes. Really so. And in the 'I don't know why' lies your genius, I guess. t x
Sandra, Your at your best in imagery and rhytm in your successive poems. Your soul speaks through them and I feel exorted when I read them. With chage in season the birds migrate, Bid adieu to chill, find spring to celebrate. In life seasons come and go, Life bird to them doesn't bow. Why we be the victim of Time! Why not enjoy the eternal rhyme! Ever your friend, CP
There are many more poems to be written, Sandra. Glamor and warmth are 'misused' words and you know their meaning, Sandra. Shine on.
There is such delicacy in this piece, Sandra - translucent is the word that comes to mind. You take an ordinary picture and imbue it with such subtlety and finesse, it becomes extraordinary. But then your work is always extraordinary and timeless in its power to enchant this reader. Love, Alison ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
warmth is a word to fragile to be said...almost to beautiful so..warmest thanks for sharing....John
A beautifully written piece Sandra, the first line is truly fantastic, wonderful imagery. Best wishes, Andrew x
Imagery at it's finest! ! Wonderfully brilliant.. constructive critism? ? I have none.. Write on! My 10 Wendy
what a powerful poem......i just can't imagine the glitter of a tear!
'The moon falls March white on old sycamores' Brilliant words. I love this, Sandra
Lovely word play, I see a goodbye with a promise of whats to come. beautiful poetry as usual. Bob xx
Most beautiful, and fragile imagery, Sandra. 'As good-bye as the glitter of a tear' is a striking and inventive use of language, but the poem moves from strength to strength. The last two lines might bring the glitter of a tear, indeed. - Will
I smiled when I read it, IT made me happy.
Your are master in creating an ambience of particular season.......Great Write.10+++
A beautiful poem Sandra, you are truly gifted, your words sing sweetly, 10 Lynda xx
clasp of hand, the fleeting mood, the promise of not closing the eyes...wow! such soft and loving poetic pictorial here Sandra...great write...10
The otherworldly quality of the your imagery is well matched by its earthly counterpart.