A Witness To The Forgott'N

In one silv’ry night,

when the eyes of the moon peep’d thro’ the sky

while the sun had her eyes long shut,

ev’rywhere turn’d night and silent.

Save the owls who cried to awake the silence,

rodents pacing to and fro searching for fodder,

and the toads croaking to arise the dead.

There, where all men lie low still,

his image plac’d on his grave, smiling;

smile that seems to ask me:

Why have you have forgott’n me so soon,

me that won a medal for my mum and dad?

But before I left, I replied the smiling image:

I will win like you, but not lie low like you.

by Eche Ononukwe

Comments (2)

great meaningful lines and I appreciate your great effort
Always room for a more positive way to help change things is the way I see this one......... Your spirit is so strong. Jim