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A Woman From Vanderwagen
KTK (03/24/1946 / Ann Arbor, Michigan)

A Woman From Vanderwagen

Poem By Kathryn Tyler King

There was an older woman from Vanderwagen
Who’s watching as her skin is gradually saggin’.
She looks out to the horizon that seems cloudy
Yet trusts in her Lord and won’t be too pouty.

She’s had so many tell her what she should do
Telling her to stay, yet in her heart she knew
There is yet another saga, her story to be told
She wants to tell it before she gets very old.

Her memory today is just not what it used to be.
She did a timeline once but the thoughts flee.
To do it all over would be difficult at best.
But her years of marriage put her to a test.

Struggling for years and being misunderstood,
She now weaves another story that God is good.
He chose her to nurture and raise four Godly men
to believe in God, His Kingdom forever, amen.

Now that they’re gone into the world that’s cold
to bring some light, restore relations and be bold.
In spite of their talents they must Trust in the Lord
Who died for the world, gave the Word, a sword.

As she ponders her future alone, yes it’s uncertain.
Would He just reveal His plans and draw a curtain
to make her path straight and to give her wisdom?
That is her prayer as she’s a part of His Kingdom.

Although she has been blessed by God all her days,
she hasn’t been privileged but seeks eternal ways.
This world only wants to use her for their purposes
to take from her what God’s Spirit only nourishes.

There are things that improve how she might appear
either by outward cosmetics or a businesslike veneer.
Yet only the Lord can bring maturity and wisdom
for the world will never acquire His great freedom..

Now what she prays and wonders about tomorrow
She is reminded that today has its own sorrows.
As long as she lives the Lord will be with her and
put to nothing the worthless as particles in the sand.

So beloved, weep not for the years that have past.
but praise the Lord for lives touched and will last.
This woman from Vanderwagen will freely give
as God has taught her time is short so just “live”.

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My friend a delightful introspection...passionately executed! A precious composition indeed.