A Woman In The White House

This November
on election day,
it's time to do things
a different way.
It's time to remember
the energy we've spent.
What this country needs,
is a woman president.

Now I know that this thought
makes many men blue,
and say, oh boy
can you imagine what she'd do.
Our richest natural resource
is forgotten in a blink,
because she's trying a shoe lace
or scouring the sink.

Why is this prospect
such a threat to men,
when women have always
been an asset to them?
Think of the skills,
housewives learn as they go.
If men had to pay them
the national debt would seem low.

A woman would treat older people
in a more helpful way
because a woman knows,
we all get old someday.
A woman wouldn't cut the funds
for any health care
because a woman knows the feeling
of not having it there.

Remember all those single parents
raising a child alone?
A woman in the White house,
could turn their house into homes.
A woman would bring the work force
a different point of view,
because she understands
what working parents go through.

I just wonder,
what the problem really is,
when what is his, is not mine
but what is mine, is his.
I think of it as a chance
to change our lives forever,
and at long last, maybe a chance,
for men and woman to work together

by Debbie Stoeckel

Comments (2)

WoW a clap to that.. it shows that women can and should be able to do anything and everything that a man can do... especially being in charge.. woman are naturally more nurturing.. and caring.. then a man.. so if we can enforce these points.. into our world 2day.. we wil have a better life!
This poem raises a good and important question!