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Improvisation 03 27 2013

A Spiritual Whiskey and Spiritual Technology


Fatherhood tracers freely dive into DNA
Balloons - rhetorical amusement enjoyed
Across clairvoyant generations pass on
Through the rub of hard knuckled - head
Plucking uncles - Why do the sharecrop
Owners keep knock-knocking on doors?
Industrialists frame management window
Software grids forming radiometric elbow
Measuring devices –design greases a fit
Marriage of citizenship to right -naked
Truth intersects off-ramps to ghettos
Barrios and inside red neck Second
Amendment protected stock pens parallel
To railroads crossing sprocket switched
Side rails
Alongside - truck routes hum in unison
The squeak of iron and rubber wheels
Singing choruses to cities and to Kismet
Fields divide mall on-ramps intent on
Opportunity -resist the acrimony relative
To poverty and bubbles threatened by
Bio-heating -sweat drips onto commodity
Futures floors –human blood fills waste
Baskets full -distilled at the absolute
Free market plasma state –after Jubilees
Recession and moral risk evaporates
Fatherhood rest - What the destitute
Believes –are promises of leisure time?

Lee Mack copyright 2009. ISBN # 0615318347. Reproduce with permission only.

by Lee Mack

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WoW a clap to that.. it shows that women can and should be able to do anything and everything that a man can do... especially being in charge.. woman are naturally more nurturing.. and caring.. then a man.. so if we can enforce these points.. into our world 2day.. we wil have a better life!
This poem raises a good and important question!