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A Woman Is
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A Woman Is

Poem By kwane Lamb

Woman when I am close to you
Inside I never know what to do
I hear the wild calling
For me to quit stalling
Smelling the freshness of woman
Just the thought keeps me cumming
While inside I'm humming/moaning
What am I to say
It was for you that I pray
Now that you are near
It is you that I fear
I fear your pure, profound love
How you share it with me
I fear your hot, wet, sweat
Imagine that
I fear your whispers
Your soft touch
Woman when I am close to you
Inside I never know what to do
There is no doubt
You are whom I dream about
I speak your name as softly as possible
As I like to see your eyes light up
When you say, what baby?
I get all tingly
Wings start to spout
At my shoulder blades
That's when I know I love you
Once among the eagles, high
I look down upon your beauty
To please you is not a duty
Let me fear you
As to respect you
You give me life...now
What can I give you.


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Comments (3)

I can feel the passion.............great read! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
This again is very good to read.. passionate write.. very good.. I mean I really did enjoyed this one..An exhilarating verbal voyage
A nice poem reflecting the mystery and the perplexity of love.