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A Woman Like Me
NAA ( / Pemba - Tanzania)

A Woman Like Me

I have the will,
To touch the sky
And I do not need any wings
Enabling me to reach that high
Defeat has no definition in my brain
I have the aspiration; I’m set to seize that dream
A woman like me, will reach that far and many miles more..

Maybe, you will find tears
Held in my eyes
Or falling like river
On a terrain of my face
It’s a momentum relief
Giving no answer to resolve the grief
I gather myself
In dignity I embrace
A woman like me, had learned to stand beyond any calamity

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Comments (6)

A fine and lofty verse with an inspirational fragrance. Thanks for sharing, Nasra.
women are the pillar of men..........
Dear Nasra, really this poem is thought provoking, the poetic persona whether the actual you or an imagined one- is a mellowed feminine voice- quite unlike the phase it has reached in developed societies or cultures. The bold will to assert one's self is really admirable. Rajbir
My God! ! Nasra, This poem is really really beautiful. The way you say things and loved it more cus it's about us women. Loved it. Good job Nasra, Admiringly Arsiema
Very uplifting. Admiringly, GS
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