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A Woman Like You

Would you want your son to know a woman like you
With every step that she made you've already put another man through,
She smiles and she promises and your son just wants to believe
But, soon you know in sadness and heartbreak and tears, he will grieve,
And what she does or how she treats him, you had already knew.

Would you ever want your son to trust a woman like you
I mean you raised him and he sadly knew what you were always up to,
Could you stand there and hear of him being manipulated and mistreated
Even though you had done the same, when you had lied and cheated,
A mother knows the path that she wants her son to pursue.

Would you want your son to loan a dollar to a woman like you
Even though she swears that she'll pay him back, it just isn't true,
As you have also borrowed money from men many times before
And you never paid them back, even when you said you would, you swore,
Now another woman will deceive your son, while wearing a designer shoe.

Would you want your son to marry a woman just like you
Where she would take his heart and soul with a simple, "I Do",
She would fabricate stories and would steal as though it being accepted
And if she is being like you, then it most certainly would be expected,
And then that son of yours would undoubtedly never have a clue.

Would you want your son to ever meet another woman like you
A woman that who isn't honest, and from dishonest she grew,
Most sons one day want to bring home a bride just like their mom
You better hope and pray that your son doesn't allow that tradition to go on,
Wen you look into your mirror, you should always pray there isn't two.

Randy L. McClave

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