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A Woman Needs
HAJ (21 may 1965 / kuwait)

A Woman Needs

Poem By hazem al jaber

A woman needs

A woman needs him to listen to her
And not tolisten and talk to any one, just her
and looking just for her,
and not looking to anther,
and needs him to give her all,
not giving any to anther,

a woman needs a man strong,
and feeble for her,
and in mostly needs him dumb.

is that fair....? ? ? ! ! !

its a contrarieties
and that is a woman

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Comments (16)

love and relationship man and woman, , all the points and problems are in ur poem. thank u. tony
I think its mutual.Both men and women needs to be appreciated and loved
Hmmm...I can't really judge this poem because it is based on your perceptions of women and I must say your perceptions may be a bit misguided. Although I can appreciate this poem for the honesty expressed, what women really want and need is to love deeply and with all her heart and to just be loved the same way in return. I don't know if love is hard to find for a man but it is hard to find for a woman because they can give their heart so freely and when it becomes broken, many times they take it with them which can impede on another relationship. But in the end, all woman want and need is LOVE and thats it; -)
A woman needs much more other things that males completely ignore...They need a century to decode their mystery...
Hazem, Very true, unfortunately women are like balls of wool, men are unable to untangle them & hide the ends ( I know I am one) what about your needs?