(June 15,1942 / Aravayal, karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, South India)

My Wife Beloved

My wife belov’d, you are my wealth;
You are in life, my soul’s sole health!
Companion for life, my wife,
By sacred union for life.

My life could be empty always,
If not for you, sad would be days;
The Stars cannot really shine,
And all Nature cannot be fine.

My wife, you are a gem so rare;
In life, you are the face most fair;
The most precious a pearl from deep,
Much more precious than things I keep.

My caresses, you remember;
My weaknesses, you do ignore;
You love me much- Do I deserve?
And faithfully in life, you serve.

Sharing my joys, becoming coy;
Sharing my grief, withered a leaf;
And patient in my angry moods,
And cautioning me against falsehoods.

And without you, I am lust-blind;
Though I have eyes, yet light can’t find;
You tend to me when I am sick;
Majestic when quarrels I pick.

You tend well to my personal needs;
Make our children read, dress, have feeds;
If not for you, I am in trouble;
My problems then in life double.

You think of everyone’s future;
Teaching our kids, love to nurture;
Your love for me settles like dew;
Life will be boring without you.

You’re the woman ’hind my success;
Bidding me wear a newer dress;
Goading me to increase earnings;
In life, you give better meanings.

You are always my ‘better-half’!
You love me like a new-born Calf!
The words you speak, soothen my heart;
Entwined to you, I can’t depart.

You are my savior from all vice;
In life, my most useful device;
Giving me timely good advice;
Making me less foolish, more wise.

You give me love when I need most;
Without which I could be well lost;
Together Love, We will one day,
Our Maker greet and ‘Thanks’, both say.

I love to see you laugh and cry;
In those moments when you are shy;
Life can be wretched without you,
Your love for me is truly true.
By Dr John Celes
Dedicated to my beloved wife Mercy,
Podanur, Coimbatore.

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This poem holds a lot of truth. Short, but Interesting to read also.
haha! ! wow! ! this poem jolts u..........10! ! great write
This was a thing of beauty. Poetry unscarred by the writer and whatever human afflictions he may endure. An expression of truth not discussed nor mentioned among humanity, hard of hearing lies about himself turned to wax belief in his ears. Bless us father, for we have sinned. All but the esteemed writer of this. GW62
this is beautiful insight into a woman's natural tendency to nurture and protect, amazing, simple but powerful
An excellent piece. Truth bloomed naturally.10 from me.
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