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A Woman's Lingerie

She will spend hours shopping for lingerie
At the stores or in the catalogs they're both okay,
For that temptation to wear, for her lover to stare
Excitedly to receive that lustful hurray.
She wears it seductively underneath her shirt
And it is also hidden by her short skirt,
What she has wore, she hopes her lover to adore
Now she has the power to tease and flirt.
She will appealingly walk over to he
Then bewitchingly bends over so her cleavage for him to see,
It took her hours to prepare, so better beware
Power dressed in the lingerie, is she.
She will never hear any complaints or scoff
Or any dissatisfaction under any lover's cough,
Sexy are her undies, are better than Sundays
And the quicker that her lingerie will be taken off.

Randy L. McClave

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