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A Woman's Misery
SSQ (12-05-1986 / East London)

A Woman's Misery

Poem By Stella Sisanda Qishi

of all the things that life had given me
still, i felt my heart brimming with discontent
there was a hole somewhere inside me
that no one could seem to fill
so i asked God to mould me a child
He blessed me with a girl
well, they raped her, chopped her like butchery meat,
her beautiful eyes poked out,
her soft cheeks sliced
i cried myself to sleep every night

i asked God to mould me yet another child
He gave me a boy
well, he mugged and raped pensioners
on their way home from church,
pushed drugs round some street corner
doping scholars to stupor,
vaunting them to becalm the daily babel
and found him the following day bullet-riddled and lifeless

so tonight i kneel once again
asking nothing for myself
but praying for humanity for every soul that lives on earth

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Comments (2)

I wish I had an answer for this but I'm not super-human so continue praying. It's worth it.
very touching and quite pathetic....... we all have to search and pray for the lost humanity....