I'Ll Call You Silly

It seems as though,
I’m seeing you quite a bit;
But, it’s not enough for me,
I feel like throwing a fit.

I want to see you,
Every single day;
I want to make like McDonald’s,
And have it MY way.

Better yet, not my way,
Why not have it OUR way;
Oh, right, I don’t think you’d agree,
No matter what I say.

Maybe I’m wrong,
Maybe you’ll love me;
All I can do is,
Just wait and see.

Next time I see you,
I’m going to flirt a bit;
Like I’m playing Battleship,
I’m just praying for a hit.

If I hit the right spots,
Right down the line;
Maybe the ship sinking,
Is you becoming mine.

I can’t say I love you,
It’s a bit too soon;
I can say I REALLY like you,
Just not in the same room.

I don’t want to scare you,
To ruin our friendship;
But, I think it’s a gas tank,
I’ll have to just try to tip.

I just have to hope,
No one has a match;
That blows up my hopes,
With nothing left to patch.

I guess that’s the reason,
I haven’t told you so far;
I’m just scared of hurting you,
Scared of burning you with tar.

I’m also scared for me,
What if it just doesn’t work?
What if it happens all again,
And we both get hurt?

'Oh, well' is all I can say,
Nothing I can do, really;
Except flirt a little,
And call you silly.

by Kenny Mantinelli

Comments (4)

Love the poem and wonder could it not be written by a woman as well? Because the feeling is universal to both males and females? What do you think?
Love this and wonder, couldn't it be a woman waiting just as it could be a man? It tells a story from either perspective to me. what do you think?
Love the intensity of this poem. A heart longing for lost love trying to endure its absence.... Wrapped in aches and pains...... Beautiful write.
i understand(?) how this poor man is just waiting at his fire for his loved one to enter the door again. what draws me to his story is that he seems very persevering in his patience. he' s loyal. and how often in life does loyal get paired with the unloyal? and for what reason? because lovers are so loving that nothing, even a polar shift in personalities can strip the love of remembering. and these will last forever and are worth all the patience in the world.