In Mess

Everything is difficult
If did not think or consult
Well before its execution
With so much of confusion

When life with its ups and down
May bring you down
In many ways
If you intentionally stay away

Negotiate carefully
And come out successfully
Failure is part of mission
Success is story of execution

Life is easy
For those who remain busy
With sincere and positive attitude
Even though the situation may be fluid

The problem is with those
Who close the eyes and suppose
That world may turn to them
And find in mess with critical turn

by Hasmukh Amathalal

Comments (5)

The poem could not be easily understood owing to the unfamiliarity of words the poet selected. May be my ignorance of understanding capacity that I understand but I think that a poet when writes the poems are normally comes the words from his inner hearts of thinking and in that ankle the rythm of the poem is good.
What is this? the poet should add a footnote for the reader to relate well
Not much. I did a quick dictionary search for gummidge and moddle, to no avail. Don't know why the 19th of May is significant here. This isn't a very compelling poem.
I feel it is a bit sarcastic, and simple syntax Padraic O Cinneide