Bed Of Life And Death

Bed of Life and Death
Lying on bed,
Cold and warm,
Beneath the bed
Is grave,
Ever warm and rest,
The bed is full of thorns
With mind restless,
The grave is warm
With mindless grace,
With only sky that is
No Sky.
The grave yard is grave
With serious knowledge,
Waiting with no aim,
Two beds are for us,
One is dead with life
Another is life with death.
Restless night with joy
With no respite,
Restfulness in silence
Having no torture of joy.

by Prabir Gayen

Comments (5)

VERY nice! I felt such a smooth warm flow while reading this masterpiece! ! ! thanks! favourite stanza... Unless you can muse in a crowd all day On the absent face that fixed you; Unless you can love, as the angels may, With the breadth of heaven betwixt you; Unless you can dream that his faith is fast, Through behoving and unbehoving; Unless you can die when the dream is past - Oh, never call it loving!
I just wanted to say that I, like Justin Hayward, was reminded of this poem when I saw the movie 'Adventure' with Clark Gable and Greer Garson, whose movies I just adore, but have to admit I had never seen this movie. It brought the poem back into mind and I had to go search for it to read it in full again. I remembered how I kept a copy of it on the corkboard above my desk at college. Who does not remember Browning from his/her college days? Different kind of movie for Gable and Garson, but memorable because of them.
Wonderful.., by very good fortune I stumbled upon this lovely poem via a Classic movie starring Greer Garson / Clark Gable called 'Adventure'.Again fortune smiled on me and fate took a hand on youtube...and here I am. Her poems and this movie are just what the doctor ordered for a rank sentimentalist... and aspiring romantic. Greer Garson delivers the last stanza impeccably! What a GREAT MOVIE..... WHAT A GREAT POEM! ! now to reading all of her works.See the Film....
amazing poem! amazing poet! overall amazing!