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A Woman's Stand

I will not lie down
For a dictator or a crown,
Even for a man
Because he thinks that I should and can.

I will not go by quietly
And I will not ever tread lightly,
My voice will always be heard
Souls and thoughts, I will have stirred.

I will not ever submit
Nor will I bow down and then commit,
Never will I be taken
Nor will I ever be bought, or forsaken.

I will not ever roll over
Don't dare think that I'm a "Spot" or a "Rover"!
I will not ever be given a command
I know when to sit, and when to stand.

I will never comply
And I will always reject and then defy,
I will always argue and then fight
For which I know is truthful, and right.

I will not be told to sit down
Standing is how I am bound,
I will stand and I will shout
That is what my doctrine is all about.

I will not shut up
I am not yours, or anyone's whining pup,
What I say is my belief, so hark!
Better be aware of my bark.

I will always resist
With my thoughts and my fist,
And in the end, I will most certainly prevail
But, don't dare you mistake me for a male.

Randy L. McClave

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