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A Woman's Touch

She told me that my house needed a woman's touch
I threw on my breaks, but first my clutch,
I told her where or why did she get that thought or ideal
In my house there is only one soul, and only one will.
I don't want flowers on my curtains, or carpet on my floors
I certainly don't want any wreathes placed upon any of my doors,
In my bathrooms I want no makeup kept upon my sink
And I do not want coasters to be placed under my drink.
I enjoy the paintings that I have hanging on my wall
And I also enjoy walking down my empty hall,
This house is all mine and not yet do I want to share
It's like my favorite clothes, that I enjoy to show off and wear.
Inside my closets all the clothes there are all mine
And for an extra dresser drawer, I don't ever have to whine,
In my shower I know what shampoo and razor that I will use
And never anyone else's soap, or loofa will I ever abuse.
I don't mind for a woman to come and stay for a bit
On my favorite chair I don't mind for her to relax and sit,
But, I think that she had presumed or wanted way to much
My house is that of a mans, and it does not need a woman's touch.

Randy L. McClave

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