Hazzards Not Clarrified Enough

Tight butts of the cow
Discharging dung
Just stopping the traffic
In the middle of a cross-road

Tight buds of a nymph
Close beside my shoulder
Stopped me a while
To drop the shadow
When light asked me
To follow its correct axis!

Pranab k c

by Pranab K. Chakraborty

Comments (15)

" I will be the robust husband of those women" this is a great idea from the poet thank you
A woman or man within contains everything contains the delight of earth there is everything in sexy a birth or a death a conscience or a sleeping trance a human or a beast a heaven or a everything is in known or unknown the mystery or creations salvation to lordliness .... everything is found in two souls - man and woman nothing is lacking! great
A WOMAN waits for me- she contains all, nothing is lacking, GREAT! ! VOTE 10
Fantastic and awesome, in a way.
A like the poem. It makes me smile.
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