The Untitled Trilogy

For one year you loved me
You held my hand
You kissed me
You held me
You cared
And my life was perfect
Then last spring
It changed
You never said ‘I love you’
It was always fake
You held my hand
And used it as a leash
For your bidding
Your kisses were fake
They were meant for another
You held me
For your pleasure
Never asking what I felt
You said you cared
But did you?
Now I’m bleeding
On the floor of my room
All alone
If you cared
You would’ve known
That I needed you
To say no

by Kathryn Thomas

Comments (14)

Excellent expression for a woman woman is everything for man -extrovert introvert; if man know how to deserve it, how to seek it and hot to confine with it
A WOMAN waits for me- she contains all, nothing is lacking, GREAT! ! VOTE 10
Fantastic and awesome, in a way.
A like the poem. It makes me smile.
I think this poem breaks the PoemHunter rules for being sexually explicit, but there is no way to report it. He seems to describe himself as a polygamist.
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