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A Woman With Artificial Beauty

I liked my girlfriend's waist-length hair
but she cut it short to the ear.
I liked her hair..black with a glow,
but she dyed it purple and yellow.
I liked her hair..straight and silkly,
but she made it so wavy and curly.
I liked her eyebrow..dark and crescent,
but she shaved it clean and drew a thin line..so slant.
I liked her nose..beautiful and straight,
but with steel rings she did pierce and perforate.
I liked her lip...so red like a rose petal,
but she pierced and wore a tiny dumb bell-like metal.
I liked her earlobe and helix,
but she pierced it like a sieve.

Her beauty changed from natural to artificial
saying beauty is in the eye of beholder.
I agreed to disagree
though eye to eye I couldn't see.
I didn't want to negotiate
but hoped those fads rapidly fade.

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A truth unveiled of a beauty...lovely