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A Woman With Menopause

When she was young
fire of lust raggingly burned,
fuelled by the torrential hormone
loving her husband deep to the bone.

Now she is very old.
That fire is like flickering candle in the cold.
It can be wiped out at any moment
by the soft blowing of the breath.
The declining hormone trickling into a tiny drop.
She becomes so sad..sob, sob, sob.

Menopausal symptoms are many and varied.
So big a suffering for a lady.
These are flush of face,
rapid heart pace,
loss of sleep,
loss of appetite to eat,
bouts of sweating
and a wide mood swing.

Being a woman is not easy.
So painful during child delivery.
To the child she has to breast-fed.
For monthly menstruation, she has to pad.

After death, if there is life.
She prays not to be a wife.

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