JB ( / Los Angeles, California)

A Womans Worth

Wanting you and being with you
Wanting security and peace
A little honesty
But why for men is that the worst?
Baby I love you will never hurt you
But when they speak these lies they know it’s not true
Tried to hold me back
But I survived I’m the one who’s living life
I’m thriving and happy without your looks
Or judgments
Trusting you with my lock and key
Giving you myself entirely
Wanting so much to be a part
A whole of something greater
Something more…
Than I am
With you and without you
I cannot live or function
In my soul I know this is right
The decision is made
And I choose not to be played
Not to let anger and resentment overtake me
But to take you and mold you
To have and to hold you
Till death do we part?
Fix the fissures in my heart
Hindsight was always a witch
You just had to go out and scratch that itch
Then tried to cower and cover up with more hurt and suffering
With your fists and your words you belittle me
Take me back to basics
Face it you don’t deserve me and I deserve to be happy
With or without you
I don’t recognize the man I once loved
Who you were and who you’ve become
Have merged as one but it’s too late
Sorry holds no value against truth
And self-appreciation I hold my head high
Like my Nubian ancestors I can reach for the skies
I walk like a queen because that’s what I am
Royalty runs through my body from my head to my toes
And yes I do suppose
Baby that you and I were so happy
But you couldn’t forget how you hurt me did you?
Didn’t think so
So let me correct you
The next time you tell me I’m worthless
Let me tell you
That I’m worth so much more

by Jasmine Brinkley

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'Let me tell you That I’m worth so much more' Yes, you are! Well done.