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A Women

She becomes a mother,
When you need love n care.
She becomes a sister,
When you need to oil or brush your hair.
She becomes a friend,
When you have problems n need someone to share.
She becomes a teacher,
When you need advise n solutions are very rare.
She becomes a kid,
When she wants love n care.
She becomes an enemy,
When you fight with her, that you don't dare.
She becomes an angel,
When you are ill n need care.
But whatever she is,
She is a lady who is all fair.
She is strong, she is bold,
She can hold a life, has a capability to bear.
Keep her in your heart,
She is your important part.
Respect her, love her, she is your life,
She is your soul mate, your life partner, your wife.
Support her because she needs you,
You are the only one in her life n she loves you.

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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Lovely poem. True face of a woman.