A Women I Once Knew

Poem By Denise Watkins

I once knew a women so smart, so happy, so strong,
Her life was of her own,
She worked, she lived, she also was alone,
She met a man that put on an amazing show,
He had money, was sweet, kind, compassionant, and more,
She was sucked in to love as she knew it,
Blinded by his touch,
She didnt believe he was wearing a distinguished costume covered with unbearable lies,
Betrayal should have been his middle name,
For he wasnt nothing, he was worse than shame,
Little by little, day by day,
He broke this women in every single way,
She felt stuck but didnt want to leave,
She loved him as he deceived,
He was a user, a fake, doom would be his fate,
Drugs and alcohol would consume him to the point that he would choose them,
Knowone or nothing could help him,
The women is lost but cannot be found,
She has been took for a fool, but knowone can convince her she is being used,
What will she do?
Or will she do nothing at all?
Shes confused by love,
She doesnt see with her eyes,
She is hiding in her heart,
If this is true love, why is it so dark?
There is no way to fake it, she was lost from the start,
Will she find herself stay tuned for the next part!

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