A Wood Rose

Poem By Sebastian Sandok

O warm light on a winter’s day,
may you linger and keep astray,
darkened songs of woods gray,
swinging limbs and trunks a sway.

For a torch lights a wooded hill,
quickly danced with nimble will,
whistles play so sharp n’ shrill,
twirling about the evenings still.

Will you come, with pipes in hand?
to a hidden field in a secret land,
where our merrymaking is so grande,
and a flowers growth is never planned.

A place of play from July till June,
eat n’ drink under midnights moon,
to depart would be to soon,
so please listen, as we sing our tune.

Comments about A Wood Rose

Absolutely beautiful, a treasure to behold. Your poems possess the natural essence of nature, you paint such beautiful imagry. The flow and rhyme absolutely in sync. Fantastic my poet friend, I look forward to more of your most beautiful poems.--Thankyou--Melvina

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