A Wooden Paradise! 1

Poem By Geoff Warden

One singular tube chair, woven in plastic tapestry,
the rectangular shape, planked floor of cedar,
in lined picket segments, run parameters edge,
a sacred place of mind thought breeder.

The blue skies silhouette soft white clouds,
a descending staircase leads to oceans touch,
my home away from home, my secret hide,
pondering the change of seasons so much.

A day were summers end is falls start,
leaves of trees paint a pictureous view,
lost in the thoughts of another change,
the chance of a friendships renew.

An empty chair beside me on the deck,
beacons the return of her entire entity,
the soft coress of her hand across my arm,
will bring surrender to her.... completely.

As I ponder the empty chair, awaiting form,
the multicolor sky brings reasons of rendezvous'
in a moment of want, I desire unchanged need,
and the second chance to see this through.

A Lady of Class to which non have compare,
a distinct derivative between fine wine,
and the uninhibited emotion of young love,
a quaint mix of girl embraced in lady fine.

The change of seasons brings change of heart,
and in this moment my deep wanting need,
an empty chair awaits to cuddle her form,
and I await the chance to replant loves seed...................

Comments about A Wooden Paradise! 1

Not sure how you do this Geoff...but the poetic romantic nature of your poetry is always refreshing...Another amazing piece that is overwhelmingly beautiful. 10 out of 10........going in favorites. Thanx for sharing......... =Shelley=
Geoff, the title is absolutely marvelous, I love this poem, it was a great read. Thankyou Geoff--Melvina--
A longing with a distant veiw that comes closer, thoughts of her Wonderful lines Geoff Love duncan X

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