A Word And A Flower

You claim my thoughts,
Though you have never seen your name in frost.
I think the window of a distant train
Still mirrors you like a poem in its glass.

by Sandra Fowler Click to read full poem

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The only gold is in the sunset, Friend...You came to me with a word and a flower. a very good poem. dev
Your poetry is exquisite Laurie Hill
I have read this beautiful poem again and again and my feelings are same as of Yelena. This sunset gold is more precious than pure gold. Warm Regards Naseer
This is quintessential Sandra magic - evocative and calming and a way that bring sense to our frenetic and perilous world.
Nice image created with words great poetic work.. warm regards, Mari
Through 'the window of a distant train' it is obvious- someone is coming 'with a word and a flower'... always something very special with poetic aroma... best regards...
so nice, beautiful and mind soothing write ma'am and you are so good in it, whenever i feel down i come and read your thoughts and a spark of hope starts breathing in my heart.....thanks for sharing many, many 10++++ and definitely added to my favs. rgds asif
I had to read it many times to feel all its beauty and thought and emotion put into this poem by your hand. And now a sense of bluish haze and dreamy melancholy surrounds my evening. Thanks for sharing, Sandra Yelena M.
The only gold is in the sunset is true. After the darkest hours comes the dawn, - I wonder what lies beyond? ! Let this light of dawn pierce our soul, For a glimpse of the Lord with all His halos to behold! -Raj
A wonderfully written piece with excellent use of imagery. Leaves the reader with an empty feeling in the heart.
I'm standing on a station watching a steam train rolling off into a distant golden sunset. I wonder if this means your poem has worked for me? 10
'TO SEE A WORLD IN A GRAIN OF SAND HEAVEN IN A WILD FLOWER, TO HOLD ETERNITY IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND AND INFINITY IN AN HOUR '! We all need to be reminded of such eternal truths from time to time! Even that golden tooth of ours is left behind! SO SANDRA YOUR SUNSET IS THE ONLY GOLD! BUT GREED MAKE PEOPLE BLIND! ! 10 +++ -RAJ NANDY
Amazing piece with nice metaphor.
A beautifully worded piece Sandra, great work. Best wishes, Andrew
How memorable...'Still mirrors you like a poem in its glass...' Poignant as only you can write Sandra. Thank you
excellent picture...dumbfound...the picture speaks
excellent poem written by a beautifull mind
The image drawn is very picturesque and indulges the readers mind deep into it. Indeed the only gold is the sunset with its attractive crimson gold coloration all over the west............beaufitul poem...........10/10 Best Regards Sameer
I think the window of a distant train Still mirrors you like a poem in its glass......... This image has stuck to my mind. I went back in my memories when railway stations, trains, raised hands, waving handkerchiefs, prayers for a safe return, suns of kisses freezing on lips and empty benches on railway platforms and rail tracks haunted me a lot..... A beautiful poem which I will read and recite again and again especially in lonely Winter evenings because' the only gold is in the sunset' and the only treasure is ' a word and a flower '. Warm Regards Naseer
whenever i read you, images keep on floating in my mind for several days... now i am in that train and i hope it will not stop running......