WJ ( / San Antonio, Texas)


This skin I wear
Doesn’t fit
It’s tight in some places,
Smothering me
Other parts drag the ground
Like a dead, useless corpse
A train of a dress
That’s not mine
Like a wedding dress
At a funeral
I try to fool them,
Convince them
Of the fit
But they don’t pay attention –
It’s only me
Scratching at this
That knows
I am an imposter,
Screaming for someone
To call my bluff,
To rip off this skin
That’s suffocating me
To reveal
So I can

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expect to be challenged and don't give up. unfortunately weak people give up when they lose the challenges, , but you advised to organize the thoughts and believe in ourselves.what a poem you put everything in this poem.
Wise words from a very wise man.....destiny comes to us all, its how we treat it, makes the difference. Fantastic piece William, the world will relate to this my friend. '10' best wishes Jon
yes we ourselves are the determiners of our destiny… challenging ourselves is the best deal to grow…. A motivating theme for all…
Are you coach? Greenwolfe 1962
Wise words to live by my friend allowing for senior moments I try to do just this
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