A Word In Your Ear

Words are weapons, words are tools
used alike by wise men and fools.
You may use in rage or pain
word you can’t take back again.

Often statements that you make
can cause another’s heart to break
the message I receive from you
is not the one you meant me to.

Sometimes it is the tone you use
or the attitude you choose
it’s not just the word or phrase
that my tender heart dismays.

Before you speak, my friends I ask,
set yourself a little task
Are the words I use to day
really what I want to say?

Listen hard before you speak,
when others your opinion seek
Please choose carefully every word
that by another will be heard

if by speaking you’ll’ offend
an acquaintance or a friend.
If you want to save them pain,
then just shut up and think again.

If your feelings you would show
words are not the way to go
a hug a kiss a gentle squeeze
will do more than words to please.

by ivor .e hogg

Comments (5)

Well done, I agree. Body language is the way to go.
Wise words from an experienced mind, Nice read and good subject.
True enough, Ivor. A rhymed fable...very effective.
a very homely poem with all the things i love to hear...age and wisdom go hand in glove...great read Ivor...thanks for the joy of reading your poems...love...nalini
A delightful poem, full of your homespun wisdom. You make sense.