My Story Of Love And Heartbreak (The Paramirror)

I'll tell you a story about a man,
A man whose life is not so grand.
A story about love and heartbreaks too,
Heartbreaks too painful, sad and blue.

And blue are the days that will be the worst,
The worst of all time, feelings cursed.
The days will drag on, drained of my glory,
My glory dies in the story.

The story will start out with love of course,
Of course it's happy, no remorse.
Start out with my heart flying high and free,
And free is my, the key.

The key which will let all of my guards down,
Guards down...ready for what's around.
Will let the pain in when ready to strike,
To strike at me when it feels like.

Feels like the love is draining from my heart,
My heart was filled til she departs.
Love is gone and I feel all of the ache,
The ache of love and then heartbreak.

by Adam McKim

Comments (5)

Well done, I agree. Body language is the way to go.
Wise words from an experienced mind, Nice read and good subject.
True enough, Ivor. A rhymed fable...very effective.
a very homely poem with all the things i love to hear...age and wisdom go hand in glove...great read Ivor...thanks for the joy of reading your
A delightful poem, full of your homespun wisdom. You make sense.