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A Word Of Praise

A word of praise
Use once
And see the Change
It can bring about
As much as
You have never thought.

A word of praise

Extend it to the waiter
In a mundane restaurant
And seem him cater
to you order
With the zeal for which
You would pay him much better.

Give it to the little kid
Whom you are struggling with
To behave little more graciously
And see how it hits
Just the right chord, with the right beats.

Give it to someone
You know hates you
And see the sparkles in his eyes
Like we find, on the leaves, morning dew.
And see how he softens,
Soon if not immediately
And you might be surprised
What has happened to him lately.

Give it to the person
Working under the scorching sun
And see that he is no longer
Exhausted and you can wonder
How does it all work?
Is it not some kind of a craze?
A word of praise.

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wow jaya... good work... now take my word of praise :) .. I hope it will work for you