A Word To The Jews

Do you remember

all the hardships

all the discrimination and genocides

all the impossible conditions for millenniums

they helped to sharp your destiny...


if a female tells me that she is


i means she is from special camp and with special genes...and she means it.

and if a male tells me he is Jewish,

i will format his hard drive...cause he is simply a racist rapist.....

in this twenty first century,
racism is a form of low self-esteem...and low self-est.eem means hostility....one of us need to be vigilant

in particular, with Jews....i always think win-win..
with females i am always think i am yahweh until these females

prove to themselves that
they are as equal as males...

This means

this planet has to get rid of certain mid-dark-ages
words and practices...


my cousins for being concise....cause there are more challenges in this cosmos than being a black tiger, a white wolf, a Jewish dragon....a Chinese elephant or an Indian panda with a beautiful spot mark between the eyebrows...

sorry again, ...
This is not an apology...

i am only courteous...and sharply concise.

by Atef Ayadi

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