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A Wordless Good Bye

A Wordless Good Bye

I walked out of her house
Got on my bike
Without even wishing her good bye
The strain of the argument
Had taken its toll
And all I was focussed on
Was reaching home
I started my bike,
Rode out into the night
The rain pelted down on me
Stinging my face, forming rivulets
Which slid down my chin
Into my jacket
And down the nape of my neck
I had to negotiate sharp slippery curves
And drive carefully thorough
Roads bombarded with
Water filled pot holes
I reached my apartment
Heaved a sigh of relief as my jacket
Rain sodden and heavy
Slid of my shoulders
I could hardly wait
To get rid of my rain sodden shoes and socks
A while later
Dry and comfortable
I sat in front of the television
Clasping a heavy glass of cognac in my hand
I sipped and felt the comforting warmth
Run down my throat
Happy in the thought
That it was all over
Happy that at last
There had been
A decisive moment and that
There were no more in betweens
No more obfuscation
No more ambiguity and sham
Unlike prior painful break-ups
I didn’t even feel a tad of remorse
Relief only relief! ! !
Thank God I said to myself
Thank God! ! !
As I settled down more comfortably
Into my sofa

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Comments (2)

Is there life after goodbye? Of course, there is. You not only survived the wind and the rain, you wrote an excellent poem about the experience.May the sun shine for you the next time around. Warmest regards, Sandra
An honestly penned, unsentimental piece about the right choice. I believe that when relationships that passed their 'use by' date, the grieving has often already been done, and (like the death of someone who has taken a long painful time to die) the final goodbye is filled with relief more than anything. You've used one of my favorite words in this poem - 'obfuscation' and the title works a treat. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥