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Fake Friends
(August 4th,1926 / New York City)

Fake Friends

Poem By Krista Thomas

If I could have a dinosaur pet
I’d name him Sir Thesaurus
He’d be the smartest dinosaur yet
Ever found in any forest

He could growl out answers easily
To any wordy questions
They’d come to him most breezily
As he offered word suggestions

When my dinosaur was famished
I’d feed him books galore
But if he still was famished
He might eat a whole book store

A dictionary of his desire
He could ask out on a date
This wordy gal he might acquire
Could be his word-ed mate

An intellectual couple, they’d be
Prone to wordy babble
Babbling on in wordy glee
While defeating all at Scrabble

But, alas, I don’t know any breeders
I say this with regret
Of dinosaur-ous readers
Those wordy worthy pets

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Comments (2)

Very fun write, Stanley! In many ways, the Thesaurus IS a dinosaur. I just use the following link to find rhymes, definitions, etc: www.dictionary.langenberg.com Likewise, my home reference library, an eclectic collection of dusty and musty pages, is rapidly becoming extinct. Thank you internet - a world of knowledge at my fingertips (so long as I never lose electricity) . -chuck
How sad it say that there is one That lurks within the shelves That others often overlook when Searching for alternatives. You see the often maligned Is there for all to study It's the book of synonymes That are said to be of like kind. But as your Thesaurus rex Tries to make do with what he finds It is so often that the thesaurus Is not able to ease the mind. Like the dictionary When sought to solve A mystery or a puzzle It is so inadequate When the mind is in a muddle. Alas, even the synonymes That are considered substitutes For one another in a play of words Are found to have a personality That reveals that they are each As different as can be. So perhaps as in the case of your T rex It is best to go along And just use the dictionary And the thesaurus for mostly, You can't go wrong. But my pet is the book of synonyms Preferably by Crabb written years ago Who pointed out that synonyms are As different as can be and When used properly they belong. Perhaps in breeding The best can be revealed But I question If in this modern world That words have that much effect For most are just as likely to say 'what the heck' And use what ever comes to mind Rather than seek a proper word to find. s