A Work Struggle


Tiring days, hours and years
So Big a Work Load
Sunshine to Sunset
For so Little a Pay
In this Small Growing World

Guarding all night
So Risky all Night
Outside the black gate
To keep people's money safe
For so little a pay

Risky months and Days
Of cruising trucks and Buses
Missing your wife and Kids
Just Looking for meat and Bread
At the Sacrifice of Family Love
For this little pay

Rivers Of Sweat Trickling Down
Like Tears on a Refugees face
At a Thought of no Food
And no Hope for Life the next minute

So painful a statement
Of one who asks for money
Freely Like it's from the trees
But for one who sweats all day
Goes overseas, To clean people's grannies
While his stays back home
Dying of Hygiene
Money is no joke

Work like Today is the last
Like Tomorrow will never come
Friend Brother and Sister
Life is too short
So make your Money
And enjoy it as well

by Sentamu Aziz

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