A World Apart

I am the soldier who died in battle,
I am the girl who flinched in her coming out picture.
I am the clerk who sold your ancient soul.
I am the dog who passed your home today.
I am whoever you want me to be...

Yet, you turn and look my way.
Your eyes, infinate as the sea,
blue as the sea
the heart of my sea.

I will be the sailor who sailed across your eyes.
I will be the dancer who twirled into your mind.
I will please, and define you.

I love you!
Can't that be enough?

When we are finally bestowed upon each other...
The sky turns dark,
the earth shatters,
the wind howels.
People burn, people die.
You and I...
The world wants us apart!
I beg for mercy...

You know what is in store,
you would rather lose my love,
it is only materialistic to you
you run and flee...
turning back once,
flashing your blue eyes past me
as I sit under the screeching tree,
my eyes still begging,
torn with pain.

I will stay loyal,
but our days are up,
so must i die...
for life without love
life without the sea
life without the blue eyes
that betow upon me...
The heavens blessing.

I love you, and with that...
I die.

by Lucy Garner

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