A World Entombed.

Poem By Fay Slimm

Quiet gloom descends, and we too downward
Stoop, mid ranks of rock, damply oozing. First
Glimpse of our trip in ancient cave abounds
With spectres, some, depicting dig-thirsty
First explorers, sanitise the past. Tombs
Of bones exposed in cavernous wet, now
Lie in state for tourist eye. Roaming rooms
Of stalagmitic beauty, eyes glaze trying
To envision the caveman's dangerous world.
Uncanny now, spotlights gone and pitch-black
Mid sound of animal snarls and growls curdling
Air, we airless sigh as guide then lights back
To reality fevered fantasy. - - - - Needs
Now met, entombed rock's shrunken world recedes.

Comments about A World Entombed.

Lovely visuals you have given us here Fay..caves are such great places to visit...Fi 10
As always, a very descriptive write, I don't think I could go into a cave like this so thanks Fay for your guided tour, 10 Lynda xx
I could hear the echoes of voices coming from those cold stone walls and the sound of water dripping in a pool, a hollow haunting sound, a torch beam illuminating jagged rocks and casting eerie shadows, thanks for the cave trip Fay a poem well written
A fascinating glimpse of another world. Great atmosphere in this one. Excellent write, Fay. Love, SandraX
Have visited caves like this...cold and damp places.....atmosphere very strange...well depicted in this poem...10++

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4,8 out of 5
6 total ratings

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