(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

A World Of Ice

We wondered what had hit us
When we woke up one wintry day
An ice storm had blown through
And looked like it might stay

There was nothing that escaped
That piercing stabbing cold
What happened over-night
Was a transformation to behold

As I looked outside with awe
I shook my head with dread
Yes, it was postcard pretty
But problems raced through my head

Better check the water
And see if it still ran
Or were the pipes frozen?
Oh, where should I begin?

And then I looked across
Into the field in front of me
And there was my treasured horse
His head drooped miserably

I must put him inside
For he was a sorry pitiful sight
I felt so sorry for him
Could horses get a frostbite?

But, you know, even though the ice
Had brought to us a few plights
It could not last forever
If we were lucky a few cold nights!

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