REN ( / Spanish Fork, Utah, USA)

A World Of Peace

Peace is radiating fingers of morning sunlight caressing a gradually illuminated sky;
Cumulus clouds softly tumbling through vision, gently passing the rising golden orb;
Birds fluttering and animals briskly moving, with all the joy that freedom can imply;
The human hand reaching out to help another, in desperate need; equality to absorb. Absolute and complete tolerance of another while pursuing pure and positive coexistence;
A given opportunity for education and employment, without fear of public repression;
Speaking of one's mind in defense of cherished values. Without facing resistance;
The family as a complete unit, encircled in the ring of faith while voicing their profession. Safety in walking the street and freedom to go out without fear of encountering terrorist
Mutual understanding and cooperative effort in building communities wherein all may be;
Mankind assisting mankind at home or across the sea, with no wars to turn the skies
Smiling children and joyous days; this is what it means in a world of peace, for you and me.

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