(March 30,1987 / Buffalo, New York)

A World Of Uncertainty!

The victims’ shadows steal the wall
and project our incoming death.
The clock takes away our lifelines
and constricts us in its shackles.

Darkness besieges the harbor
and beclouds our escape route.
Our forbearance is our curse
that locks us in its internment.

The organ is our harbinger
that withholds future realism.
It’s our unspoken cry for help
in a World of Uncertainty!

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Comments (5)

soul stirring poem crisp but makes a hard hitting point
Uncertainty is the only certainty in this world apart from death and even death is a moot point I enjoyed your poem because of the thoughts it evoked
Great poem. An easy tenner here was given. God bless all poets-MJG.
I thought this wasn't as great of a poem as your others, however it wasn't terrible.
A dark moody poem here... Michael