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A World Unknown

Come with me
To a world unknown
Where kids just like us
Can call it a home
Who's gonna notice
Whether you're tucked in

Nice and tight,
Or out past eight?
Take my hand,
Just cooperate.
They don't care.
They don't notice.

Why do you want to stay
Here with them?
They're just mortals.
Now, we have power.
Power to take over them.

Take my hand,
Follow my steps.
We'll be there any moment now
Where kids just like us
Will greet you.
Just follow me, my dear sweet child.
For I will protect you,

From the vicious wild.
We'll have nice clothes, and something to eat,
How about a short nap and repeat?
Take a nice long shower,
Go to school a few hours,
What more could you want?

I don't know.
Just follow my steps.
We'll make it out together.
Come With Me to the World Unknown...

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Makes me miss the carefree days, really does...