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A World We Don'T See
(August 8,1951 / Hillsboro, Oregon USA)

A World We Don'T See

Poem By Harlan Simantel

There's a world beyond,
A world we don't see.
We're not aware of it,
It's aware of me.

What can't be seen
Doesn't mean it's unreal.
It's something we sense,
A presence I feel.

Jesus is there
And loved ones who died,
Watching out for us,
Taking our side.

Caught up in life,
Physical reality,
It's easy to lose sight -
Of spirituality!

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Comments (3)

Yeahhh I believe there's someones so close to us is watching us out.Sometimes I can feel the vibrations and the breezing they've created and if you could feel their presence when some of your prayers were answered.Great works Harlan.I'll read more of yours soon.
I do not share your faith in any particular creed My friend but I do respect anyone who has faith in whatever religion AS for my self I avoid religions like the plague What I believe is personal to me.I believe in god but dont believe any one religion has the whole truth so I think for myself
awesome poem! ! amazing! ! 10/10, easy! ! you really put a lot of thought into this, though its' not a very complex write, but at the same time, it is! me and my bf were just talking about the 'unseen world' of spirituality around us a few nights ago. i believe my father is watching out for me in that special 'world, ' and I pray and think about him alot. thank you for this. God bless. ~Sarah Loves